Introduce Yourself 👋

Introduce Yourself 👋
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Hi everyone!

One of the best things about being in this community is the opportunity to network and meet awesome Clio customers and legal professionals like yourself. To kick this off, I’d like to introduce a quick exercise to get to know each other better.

It’s called “5 Things About Me! 5 Things about You!” 

5 Things About Me!

  1. I am passionate about creating spaces that allow people to connect.
  2. Legal runs in the family. My uncle, grandpa and great-grandfather were all lawyers (including one Supreme Court Judge here in Canada).
  3. I’m not a coffee drinker, tea all the way! 
  4. I am from Vancouver, Canada but have also lived in Montreal, Hong Kong and now Victoria, BC. Island life! 🏝️
  5. This winter I made a weekly practice of cold water swims in the ocean. For all my American friends, the average temperature is around 46.00 F in the winter. 🥶

Okay, now it’s your turn - I want to hear 5 things about you! 

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Hello, everyone!  My name is Steve Huret.   I am the sole attorney and owner of Huret Law Firm PLLC in Johnson City, Tennessee.  I am new to this community and look forward to learning tips and tools from more seasoned Clio users.  

  1.  I have been using Clio Suite since May of 2021, which is when I opened my solo law practice where I handle plaintiff’s personal injury, landlord representation, homeowners associations, creditors’ rights and collections, and civil litigation.
  2. I am a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 listed general civil mediator, which covers all manner of civil cases but no family.
  3. I was the managing shareholder at a mid-sized law firm for almost 20 years before I took the plunge in 2021 to go out on my own.
  4. My wife and father-in-law are also attorneys, but they practice in their own law firm, McInturff & McInturff PLLC, in Johnson City, Tennessee handling real estate closings, business entity formations, estate planning, and estate administration.
  5. Outside of my law practice, I am passionate about my family, history, economics, politics, and golf.

Hi everyone. I’m Shameka Harris, and I am starting a law firm. 

  1. I have 3 children - a teenage soccer player, and a set of boy/girl twins that run track (and the girl plays tennis and volleyball).
  2. I am a workaholic, and I am hoping that Clio will help me with that by automating a lot.
  3. I use Faster Suite with Clio and LOVE IT!!
  4. I have been practicing law for 16 years and used to represent people charged with death penalty offenses.
  5. I love to read but don’t always have the time.

Hi everyone and Hello, 你好 (ni hao), Selamat Petang and வணக்கம் (vanakkam) to the Clio community in all 4 of the official languages from sunny Singapore! 

My name is Yue-En Chong and I am a Family Law, Estate and Inheritance and Elder Law Attorney and run my own law practice with another attorney. I can be contacted at 

Here are 5 things about me, see if you can guess the common tread in it all!

  1. My law firm, Bethel Chambers LLC, was opened at the start of the pandemic when offices were shut.  
  2. I am a first time father of a 9 week old. I spend a lot of time caring for him at home. 
  3. I love saving the planet and I absolutely love nature and trees!
  4. My dream is to conduct my business from anywhere in the world, on a beach, in Disney Land, in the middle of the mountains. After all, I have clients from all around the world!
  5. I like being clear and upfront with my fees. I believe in billing by the second and like my bills clear and detailed.

If you haven’t guess it yet, I absolutely love clio as Clio has allowed my company to go completely paperless, mobile and international! 

Hoping to meet other Clio uses here! And do feel free to contact me if you need to know anything about Singapore! :) 


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hello im new member here,nice to meet you

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hello im new member here,nice to meet you

Welcome @jesslyn1800 - we’re happy you’re here! Where are you joining us from? Feel free to share a bit more about you!