Introduce Yourself 👋

Introduce Yourself 👋

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5 Things About Me


  1.  I have been a legal assistant for 10 years and have worked in the following areas: criminal, real estate, commercial, corporate, represented adults, and estates;
  2. I recently self-published a cookbook on Amazon;
  3. I recently bought a house in Red Deer, Alberta;
  4. Tomorrow will be my 4th wedding anniversary with my husband. We actually have 2 wedding anniversaries as we "eloped" in New Orleans, having a sentimental ceremony just the two of us, then had a Catholic wedding the following month in Killam, Alberta with all of our family and friends; and
  5. My firm just started using CLIO last week and I am SO excited to see the benefits the program will bring!



Hi Everyone!


I’ve been a Clio user for several years, but I am new to this community.  I attended last years Clio Cloud Conference, virtually, but I am looking forward to attending one in person!

  1.  I am passionate about criminal defense and on of my areas of practice is indigent defense.  Before entering private practice, I was a prosecutor (State’s Attorney/District Attorney).
  2. I enjoy using technology to improve the practice of law for myself and others.
  3. I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and I have followed in my father’s footsteps in my chosen profession as an attorney.  I am very fortunate that I have been able to practice law with him for the past 10 years.
  4. I am an avid Peloton user.
  5. In my spare time (what spare time?!?) I manage to coach my son’s baseball team.

Hi everyone! Thanks for the invite to this thread.


5 Things About Me:

  1. I have founded two law firms: The Law Offices of Michael V. Mancini and Mancini Shenk LLP.
  2. My son is exactly 1 month older than Mancini Shenk LLP, meaning we opened our doors with my wife’s generous blessing when the birth of my son was just around the corner.
  3. I attended ClioCon in San Diego in 2019.
  4. I was a mediocre college tennis player for about 2 seasons.
  5. I was a lift operator at Mammoth Mountain in 2000 - 2001.

Looking forward to participating in The Law Community during and after Clio Cloud Con in 2021!


Hi Everyone! Washington true solo here.

  1. I am passionate about helping veterans and middle-income people have access to an attorney.
  2. Most of my family is military connected. I didn’t serve but my husband did, and both of my parents, along with countless cousins, all my uncles, in-laws etc. So I feel deeply connected and loyal to the military community. 
  3. I am a huge coffee drinker, but I’m trying to cut back. 
  4. Being apart of a military family almost every state in the US and lived overseas a couple times. I absolutely love traveling.
  5. My goal is to run a completely virtual non-profit law firm, so I can travel with my husband and kids. 

Hi Everyone


I’m Ken Gibson.  I’ve been using CLIO for a little over a year now.  I bit the bullet around the start of the pandemic and am glad I did.


  1.  I have now been a lawyer for more years than I have not.
  2. I have been trying to lose the same 20 pounds for the past 20 years.
  3. I’m a War Vet.
  4. I’ve got a great family.
  5. I’m tall and now my son is taller than me.  That made me proud and hurt my ego all at the same time.

Hello - 5 things about me: 


  1. Listening to Clio Con from Oakdale MN
  2. Started my practice 9 years ago next month while at home with 3 year old and 4 month old daughters. 
  3. I am passionate about children and family, however someone defines it for them. 
  4. I love dogs, especially my dogo Mazey
  5. One of my daily goals is to do better at something….even if it’s just breathing. 

Hello all!


I’m Jennifer Abelaj and a new Clio user. It’s nice to meet you! 


  1. I live and practice in Manhattan, New York City (admitted in NY and NJ) in estate tax planning and non-profit law.
  2. I speak 4 languages - some better than others (English, Spanish, French and Slovak)
  3. I love coffee, and cheese, and food in general.  But it doesn’t always love me back.
  4. I love the snow and mountains, and dislike summer and hot weather.
  5. I have an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog, Brigid.

Hello, All!  Theresa Robinson, here, from Jackson, MS.  

  1. Clio Manage user since 2019.
  2. Wonderful team of co-workers in a insurance defense firm.
  3. Graduate of Jackson State University (Thee I Love!)
  4. Send my spare time searching for treasures in estate sales and flea markets.
  5. Love time with my family!

Greetings, everyone …

I am Lynne Tauer, a paralegal at rb LEGAL in Golden Valley, Minnesota. We specialize in estate planning, probate, small business, and equine law.

  1. Paralegal work is my latest career. Before this gig, I was a freelance writer and magazine editor. I have also worked in television and radio in various roles.
  2. My favorite foods are spinach, raspberries, pecans, and salmon.
  3. My hobby is volunteering. I have been a volunteer at the local zoo and with our regional science fair for 20+ years each. Sadly COVID has curtailed much of that. I miss it.
  4. I read EVERYTHING except novels because once I start, I can’t put a novel down. I have to read it straight through until I’m done. 
  5. I love to travel. We have traveled to Hawaii 10+ times. I would like to go to Tahiti, New Zealand, or take a river cruise down the Danube. A trip on Australia’s Ghan or Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer trains would also be amazing.

Hello, Lynne! I have really enjoyed my first ClioCon and look forward to networking with everyone. Thanks for reaching out. 


Hi Lynne

1 - I’m Nelson

2 - I’m a Lawyer from Lisbon, Portugal, for ove 19 years now,

3 - I’m a proud son, husband, father of two and owner of a rabbit named “Dinner”. 

4 - I’m the founding partner of Pereira, Pinto & Associados Law Firm which is going to be a 6 years old law firm next 7th January 2022

5 - I love to read paper newspapers over the weekend morning with nothing but coffee.

Looking forward networking with you all. 

regards from Portugal 

um abraço


5 Things About Me!


  1. I am a newly appointed Practice Manager
  2. I am shocked at how many law firms don’t do ANY technology
  3. I have worked in 14 countries countries
  4. I am a business strategist, so my real job is fixing businesses
  5. I am excited to be using Clio… 

Hello Everyone,

I am brand new to Clio and recently started my own immigration law practice. 

5 Things About Me:

  1. I am originally from the great and beautiful state of Michigan, just across the lake from Canada.
  2. I have lived in Texas for much of the last 21 years.
  3. My wife is from Mexico and we have 2 wonderful little boys. 
  4. I love waterfalls, of which there are few in Texas but many beautiful waterfalls in Michigan.
  5. I am very patriotic about the United States and passionate about the opportunity to help people from all around the world immigrate to or find a way to stay in our great country.

Glad to be a part of this community,