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Hi all! I’m a lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee, and I’ve been a Clio user for about 7 months. 

  1. After more than a decade in a medium size (for Nashville) firm, I started my own boutique banking/creditor’s firm, Anthony Watson
  2. I love exploring new social media and have “law blogged” for more than 10 years at Creditor Rights 101
  3. I’m originally from Memphis and hold my home-town city close to my heart--the music, the food, and--of course--the basketball (Go Tigers and Grizzlies!).
  4. I’m a first generation college graduate, and I love mentoring new lawyers, with a particular interest in helping first generation lawyers and lawyers from under-represented backgrounds. 
  5. I’m a big karaoke enthusiast, and, for the Nashville Bar Association, I’m the host of the annual Lawyer Karaoke event (which is way more fun than you’d think it’d be). 

Feel free to connect with me for questions in my practice area, in my state, or to say Hi.

@David Anthony Your event looks so fun! I have to ask - what’s your go-to song for karaoke? 



Hi Everyone

I’m Scott Walker (SK Walker Law, LLC). I’ve been a Clio user since November 2020, but I’m new to this Community.

  1. Born in Northern Illinois, but raised until mid-school outside of Champaign/Urbana Illinois, moved to and spent middle school through early 20’s in Southern California (culture shock), joined the military and traveled the world (first combat tour), got out of the military and raised my family in the High-Desert of California, returned to Illinois to attend law school at Southern Illinois University School of Law, joined the military again and traveled the world more (second combat tour), and remain in wonderful Southern Illinois after law school to practice law.
  2. Extremely non-traditional attorney with decades of pre-attorney experience in maintenance, military, mining, business, and management, with nearly four years now of law practice and 8 months as a solo practice.
  3. Opened our practice as a partnership in September 2020, but partner left in November 2020 due to health reason, so we converted to a solo practice (all during COVID, Yikes).
  4. Firm is doing well despite all of the challenges, but we are still learning and improving and always welcome advice, help, and support.
  5. We recently started working with a local media marketing firm and started a pod-cast to highlight the awesome people and caused with which I have the privilege to know and work, and thus far it’s been great.

Thanks everyone and stay safe,




Hello, all! I am a New York lawyer but I live in South Florida and am a Partner in a cloud-based firm with 32 partners around the Country. 


5 Things about Me:

  1. Before coming back to the legal field in 2020 (yes, during a Pandemic), I ran an educational consulting firm with my wife (who is still involved with the company).
  2. I love coffee - I mean really love it! So much so that I convinced both my kids to get jobs at Starbucks!
  3. I love technology (which melds well with my cloud-based firm). I use a Mac and a PC because I don’t like to play favorites.
  4. I’m originally from Long Island, NY but moved to Florida 7 years ago, because we were tired of the snow.
  5. Major Trekker (Star Trek fan) (Star Wars, too)!

Feel free to connect with me or to learn more about my firm at

Look forward to saying “HI”!


Hi all, my name is Colleen and I have been a CLIO user since I started my solo practice in 2016. 


5 things about me:

  1. I am the first in my family to attend college and then law school.
  2. I have been practicing law for 15 years but only solo since 2016.  I actually just hired my first attorney, yikes!
  3. I live on coffee!
  4. Born and raised in Chicago, but now a transplant in Colorado. 
  5. I have two small children, a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy.  Hence the addiction to coffee :)


  1. I am passionate about helping inventors/engineers protect their technology (eg, via patents), so that they can realize as much market share as they are entitled to.  
  2. I can Greek Dance.
  3. I just launched my own solo IP practice in January, after 8 years of working in BigLaw.
  4. Born/raised in Cleveland, OH, but now live in Pittsburgh, PA.
  5. I drink pomegranate juice everyday because I heard it’s good for the heart.

Hello, Everyone!

My 5 things….

  1. I have been an attorney for about 17 years and am currently running my solo personal injury practice, Law Office of James C. Suits II, in San Jose, California.  I love helping people who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions and other accidents.
  2. I am a huge fan of Clio.  I found and implemented Clio in 2020 and it has been amazing.  I’d rather give up my morning espresso than have to give up Clio in running my practice.
  3. I have an awesome 7-year-old daughter who calls me a “Poo Poo Head” if I have to work late and can’t come home when she wants me to.
  4. I commute to work on a 2020 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob motorcycle.
  5. My favorite Rolling Stones song is Gimme Shelter.

I look forward to learning more about Clio and connecting with all of you!

Have a great day!

- James

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Hi Everyone

I’ve been a Clio user for about 4 years, but I’m new to this Community.

  1. I love family law and have been a legal assistant/paralegal for 29 years and counting.
  2. My family is from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, but also a military family so I have been fortunate to live in some great places in this world.
  3. I have one grandchild, Chloe, age 7, who is beautiful and smart and athletic and fearless; I want to be her when I grow up.
  4. I am an avid knitter, seamstress, weaver, etc.  I’m currently working on a master’s in textile anthropology.
  5. My family would tell you that I have lots of strong opinions on many things and believe everyone should hear them, lol!

Hi Everyone!


  1. My husband and I work together at our law practice - LayRoots. We’re Lawyer-Humans! We help people with Asset Protection. 
  2. We sometimes rock climb, snowboard, and hike/mountaineer. I have a goal of summiting at least two but hopefully three of Washington State’s volcanos this summer. And we hope to be let back into Canada next year so that we can attend adult snowboard camp at Whistler.
  3. I like to cook and can get very geeky about the science of it but hate following recipes or measuring things, so I’m not a great baker. I am about to log off my computer and make biang biang noodles with my niece for dinner!
  4. I really only read fiction books. During and after law school I stopped reading for fun and have been happy to have gotten back into the habit over the pandemic and even joined a book club. 
  5. I grew up an oil brat - living in 5 cities all around the world before I graduated high school. Sometimes I think a band was really popular and no one has heard of it in the States or people talk about popular tv shows (like Friends) that I never really watched because I wasn’t here.

My name is Danny. I am an owner of Clio has taken our firm to the next level, and we want to learn more and get to know others interested in changing the paralegal industry.

I am a car guy

I own a 148 PD Akita that is my best friend

I have four daughters


Morning everyone,


I’m Nancy and live in Hollywood, Florida.  Here are five facts about me.

  1. I’m a Jersey girl, raised in a small beach town next to Atlantic City.
  2. I went to law school in Manhattan (graduated in 1993) and loved city life.
  3. My favorite concert which I saw two years ago was The Eagles, opening act was Jimmy Buffet. 
  4. I practice landlord/tenant law throughout the State of Florida which hasn’t been fun during the pandemic.
  5. I opened my own firm last fall before the pandemic and although difficult at times, it’s the best thing I ever did.
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Welcome to the community @John Powers @James C. Suits II @Bobbie Wallace @ShreyaLey @nancychamides and Danny from @Intrepid1 - We are so happy you’re here! Thank you all for the fantastic introductions and look forward to getting to know you!



I’m Chris Hill.  I’ve been a Clio user for close to 11 years and am new to the community.

  1. I am passionate about helping my clients avoid the pitfalls of construction contracting and helping them dig out when they can’t.
  2. I’m from Richmond, Virginia, and went to law school at Washington University in St. Louis
  3. I blog at the Construction Law Musings blog and have been doing so for over 11 years now.
  4. I represent construction folks because I enjoy their company and life is too short not to like your clients.
  5. One of my favorite pastimes is fishing off the Gulf Coast of Florida, particularly for tarpon.
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Hi new friends! I am Erica in Brentwood, TN. 

5 things about me: 

  1. I have lots of administration experience, but this is my first law firm experience! I have always been interested in employment law, and I am so happy to be in this field. 
  2. My favorite hobby, and the one I’m most successful at, is entering online contests and I have gone to many, many events on some radio station’s dime. I was inspired by The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio (great movie) and I have been doing it ever since! 
  3. My one and only excursion out of the United States (so far) was to Cuba, which I feel is rare, so I feel very lucky to have had that experience. 
  4. I am a “crazy dog mom” and am actively watching my dog, on a web cam, at daycare, as I write this. I have no shame, though, because I know some of you take your dogs to daycare too. :wink:
  5. One of my goals for this year is to expand our referral network, so if you’re looking for someone to refer employment discrimination (harassment, retaliation) cases to, I’d love to connect with you! 
  1. I am California Bar Licensed, and I also graduated Medical School, and have studied a lot in the area of Psychiatry.
  2. I helped set up and run a Rehab clinic for over 15 years. I now started my own firm called Reddy’s Law firm.
  3. I was born in India, grew up in the Middle East and moved to Texas in 10th grade. I did study, live and work in New York for nearly a decade. Then I moved back to Texas, where I currently live.
  4. I love working remotely and am set up to do all my Mediation and Arbitration services virtually.
  5. I was diabetic and overweight. Since then I lost over a 100lb, am have perfect sugar levels, and I did this via diet mostly and exercise, and took no medications to achieve this.
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Great to already see some familiar faces and looking forward to engaging with many new ones!

5 Things About Me!

  1. I’ve lived in the college town of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois my entire life besides six years in Chicago. Go ILLINI! :large_orange_diamond::large_blue_diamond:
  2. My wife and I are raising twin girls, who couldn’t have more different personalities. :family_mwgg:
  3. I get to promote mentoring for legal professionals as part of my job at the Illinois Supreme Court while I enjoy mentoring several college students on my own time. :handshake:
  4. After law school, I worked briefly for the Chinese government teaching U.S. law in Beijing. It was fascinating! :flag_cn:
  5. I drink coffee :coffee: every morning and red wine :wine_glass: every evening. You know, for the health benefits. :wink:

Mark, I graduated from Chicago-Kent and was from Beijing, China. We shall connect! :-)

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Hello, everyone!

My name is Lucy Lu. I am an attorney in Atlanta. I have run a boutique law firm for over 12 years. In 2020, I founded a legal tech company, aiLegal, in document automation. aiLegal is an all-in-one cloud platform to automate, manage, and collaborate documents. You can locate aiLegal in Clio apps. 

Here are my 5 things: 

  1. I am passionate in delivering better, faster, and cheaper legal services to the public. 
  2. I founded my law firm 12 years ago to achieve the goal of 1. 
  3. It was hard to achieve the goal 2. I therefore founded aiLegal, a cloud-based SaaS software company to achieve the goal of 2. 
  4. I then realized that it was even harder to run a software company. :joy:
  5. I am a doer and I am determinate. I now run aiLegal as a software company and aiLegal Law as a law firm simultaneously. It is quite a journey. Please feel free to ping me if you want to talk about technology or practice management with me. :heart_eyes:
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Hi all! I’m looking forward to getting to know those of you I don’t already know and to helping each other out!

5 Things About Me!

  1. Like Mark Palmer, I am also from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, though I left after law school to work in Knoxville, Chicago, and Atlanta for a while. I’m happy to be back because it is a great place with a wonderful legal community.
  2. I was raised by a mediator/arbitrator - my dad, Peter Feuille - so grew up with a preference for ADR and taking a collaborative rather than oppositional approach to conflitcs.
  3. I have a solo practice (with a client intake specialist :girl_tone2: and purralegal :smiley_cat: to help out) and will likely expand that this year, which both excites and scares me. 
  4. I️ can only drink decaf anything these days, which makes me sad because the flavors are limited compared to the real stuff.
  5. I am a huge Rolling Stones fan , and my dad and I ironically got into trouble with the security guards at a show on the No Security show! (everyone in front of us was standing on their chairs too…)

Julie, where are you now? Knoxville, Chicago, and Atlanta? I was also from Chicago and end in Atlanta. I am thinking to expand my law firm practice to Knoxville. Love to connect. 

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  1. I’m passionate about helping attorneys make more money by providing better service to clients!  (Without working more, of course.)
  2. I firmly believe that small business makes the world go round.
  3. I took a 2-year sabbatical a few years back, during which time I sailed the Pacific, from Seattle to Alaska to Mexico and Central America, with my husband and two girls (then ages 5 and 7).
  4. I’m now in landlocked Coeur d’Alene.
  5. Just last week I got my 4th bar license: WA, OR, CA, and now ID!

Tell me the secret of making more money, providing better services to clients, without working more! I have tired over 12 years and can not find the secret!!:joy:

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Hi all,

  1. I’m a former disciplinary prosecutor but most people don’t hold that against me.
  2. I now represent and consult with lawyers about all kinds of legal ethics and professionalism issues, and I really like talking with lawyers about the nuts and bolts of day-to-day practice.
  3. I majored in English and Classical Greek, the latter of which hasn’t come up in my practice although it kind of did in law school - my ethics class had a healthy dose of Ethics, as in Nicomachean.
  4. Avid fan of as many varieties of music as I can find, sometimes the lesser-known, the more avid -- not because I’m a snob (I hope) but because it means I’ve found more to learn about.
  5. Dad of three awesome teenagers.

Jim, I love your law firm’s website. Very nice built! 

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Solo immigration lawyer in New Hampshire, there are no immigration paralegals within 50 miles so I do most myself but have a remote paralegal who knows more about Clio than I do. I just signed up with Clio to help manage my practice, keep track of tasks, and link up to Docketwise which is my forms program. So I will welcome suggestions from users who use Clio + DW. Thanks

We also practice immigration as well. Let me know if there is anything I can help. 

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Hello!  I’m Beth in Rockford, IL.

  1. I am not a lawyer, I am a marketing person who married a lawyer and is now trying to figure out how to run this place so he doesn’t have to.
  2. Our shop is primarily Family Law and I spend a LOT of time trying to simplify every single process because our folks bring us enough drama that we don’t need drama with forms and technology.
  3. I usually have a dirt track sprint car race running in a different tab while I’m working.
  4.  Huge Jason Isbell fan.
  5.  Still living off the high of winning my 3rd grade spelling bee.


Beth, talk to me. I can help you in automating your practice without drama. :heart_eyes:

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Hi All, 


  1. I live and work in East Islip, New York which is on Long Island and I’ve lived in the area (which includes the towns of East Islip, Islip Terrace and Great River - and yes, I’ve lived in all 3) 50 out of the last 54 years. 
  2. I’ve been practicing for 28 years and am an early adopter of technology (other local attorneys thought I was crazy to email with clients back in the early 2000s) 
  3. Like Taylor Lecky, I don’t drink coffee - - I am a tea drinker (about 6 - 10 cups a day). 
  4. I’m a huge Lucille Ball fan and actually rang her doorbell once (unfortunately she was in Palm Springs that week). 
  5. I have three grandchildren Jocelynn 5, Annastasia  3 and Rowan 2 weeks. 

When the cloud storage came out, many law firms also objected to it. Luckily I decided to take a paperless practice in our law firm. 

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I’m Kendall Almaguer.  I’ve been a Clio user since joining my current firm, The Geller Law Group, in 2017.

  1. I too am passionate about using technology to improve the practice of law and to create a more efficient and effective firm.
  2. I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and moved to DC for graduate school in 2013.
  3. I recently splurged and bought a Tonal and am OBSESSED and know it’s the new Peloton but for strength training.
  4. I am NOT an attorney but have a master’s degree in Justice, Law & Security from American University.
  5. I’ve been working in the legal field for 10 years.

I’d love to connect to chat LegalTech and tips and tricks to leverage it in a rapidly growing, very busy firm.

Amazing girls’ power!! 

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Welcome to the community @Lucy Lu - Look forward to getting to know you!!

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Welcome to the community @Lucy Lu - Look forward to getting to know you!!

Thank you, Taylor!!! Glad to be a member of the community.