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Introduce Yourself 👋

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Hi @MHedayat - 2013, you’re a seasoned Clio pro! Welcome to the community and look forward to getting to know you. 

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Dia dhuit :shamrock:


My name is Geraldine and I’m the UK and Ireland Community and Events Manager at Clio. 

5 things about me:

  • I’m Irish and based out of Clio’s Dublin, Ireland location.:flag_ie:
  • I recently took up embroidery as my C-19 hobby. 🧶
  • I have a pretty big immediate family so Christmas can be crazy with Mam + Dad, 5 sisters, 2 brothers, 5 nephews and 4 nieces. :hugging:
  • I’m an ISTJ :grimacing:
  • I’m hooked on Brené Brown books, podcasts, videos! :nerd:

Excited to get to engage with the Clio Community from all around the world! 

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My name is Laura and I am a Paralegal and Office Manager for a small firm in Michigan.  I am newer to Clio (about 9 months) and am very new to the community.

A few things about me:

  • I live in Dexter, MI with my husband, two kids and dog
  • Many of our friends think we live way out in the country.  I, however, describe us as “country adjacent” since we are bordered on one side by a corn field.
  • I have degrees from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Go BLUE!) and from Eastern Michigan University.
  • We love to travel!  Our last serious trip pre-COVID was to Toronto and we had a blast!  Thank you for being excellent hosts, Canada!
  • I am dedicated to improving our firm with technology driven solutions.
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Hello All. I’m Andy from Baltimore, and I just founded the Law Office of Andrew P. Gross, LLC. Here are five things about me:

  1. “From Baltimore,” but I took the long way around: Born in Texas, grew up in Munich, moved to Baltimore, graduated law school here, joined the Army and lived some other places, and came home to Baltimore.
  2. Been in practice 12 years, but only the last 3.5 in the private sector. I was a prosecutor, then I did the Army JAG thing until 2017.
  3. I have two daughters: One is 18 months and the other is almost 4.5 years old, and they are both hysterical, often without trying to be.
  4. I love traveling and eating, but Number 3 on this list, combined with the ‘rona has sidelined those plans a bit. Well, not the eating part. 
  5. I nerd out with the technical stuff, especially when it’s used to increase efficiency.


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Welcome to the community @APGLaw - HUGE congrats on the launch of your new firm! :tada:

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Welcome @LWest - we’re so happy you’re here! I’m from Vancouver but also love Toronto, there’s so many good restaurants! 


Hi everyone, I’m Christina and a passionate law firm BD and automation consultant. If I could I have been a lawyer I would have, so the next best thing is to a part of the experience and support its growth! I am delighted to be a part this community and 5 things about me are:

I love being in the Clio space as a partner and doing what we do to help businesses streamline and grow.
I have lived and worked across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.
I love to travel and can’t wait for post COVID freedom to prevail again (of course with all due health checks in good order).
I love food and discovering new international cuisines.
I am a workaholic but try to get some workout time in every day.

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  1. I grew up in Montreal and live in Toronto.
  2. I am a huge hockey fan - cheering for the Edmonton Oilers.
  3. I am also a huge Disney fan and have a Disney Vacation Club membership.
  4. I am passionate about using technology to improve the practice of law.
  5. I’ve been to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Hello to The Law Community!

I’m Robbie and I’m part of the Product Marketing team here at Clio. The best part of being part of team Clio is that we get to serve such a diverse and varied set of customers (you!).  This is why I love getting to work closely with our app and integration partners to offer flexible solutions so that you run your practice your way. 

Here are a few things about me:

  • I was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK and have big-time prairie pride
  • I became a new father this year to my son, James!
  • I’m a big fan of craft beer and am loving the growing scene in North Vancouver (my new home base)
  • I’ve been a part of a fantasy football league for the past 10 years but have yet to win - this could be my year
  • My last trip before the pandemic was to Maui and I’m ready to go back

Welcome all to the new community :raised_hands:  

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Hi Everyone, :wave_tone1:

Miquela here, I am the Marketing Programs Manager at Clio.

  • I was born in Vancouver, BC. :flag_ca:
  • I just joined the Clio Marketing team 2 months ago. :slight_smile:
  • I love baking - recently I’ve been making a lot of donuts! :cake:
  • I’m an avid runner - but I don’t ever want to run a marathon. :cartwheel_tone2:
  • My COVID-19 hobby has been learning how to golf with my two best friends.:golf:

Excited to connect with the Clio Community here. 

PS: If you have any questions about the Clio Cloud Conference, ask me! 



I’m Kendall Almaguer.  I’ve been a Clio user since joining my current firm, The Geller Law Group, in 2017.

  1. I too am passionate about using technology to improve the practice of law and to create a more efficient and effective firm.
  2. I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and moved to DC for graduate school in 2013.
  3. I recently splurged and bought a Tonal and am OBSESSED and know it’s the new Peloton but for strength training.
  4. I am NOT an attorney but have a master’s degree in Justice, Law & Security from American University.
  5. I’ve been working in the legal field for 10 years.

I’d love to connect to chat LegalTech and tips and tricks to leverage it in a rapidly growing, very busy firm.


Hi all!

5 Things About Me

  1. Started using Clio on day one of my new solo practice, 9/1/20.
  2. I grew up on Long Island, moved to Northern Virginia to attend Georgetown Law and never left.
  3. I have two kids, 11 and 8 years old, and neither of them got up in time for their “morning meeting” today -- because didn’t get up in time!! :confounded:
  4. I am a coffee drinker all the way, but do love a good cup of tea as well.
  5. I hung out with Prince and his band and for a total of about six nights in both Paris and Washington, D.C., was even there for the filming of his video--while sitting and dancing with Chaka Khan--but I hit the cutting room floor.:dancer_tone1:

Hi! I have been a Clio user for over 9 years.  When I went to a new law firm I brought Clio with me and now they use it too. :wink:

  1. I am passionate about planning. I am a land use and development planner for a law firm in Florida. I use clio for my case and client management and have loved all the improvements over the years. My passion for planning and the legal portion of the profession is a perfect match with Clio.
  2. Born and raised in Florida. I moved around a bit before settling down back in my hometown.
  3. I am a mother, planner, dog-friend, catholic, and avid reader.  My dog, Gracie, is my heart and soul. lol
  4. I am sitting for my certificationfor the American Institute of Certified Planners and at over 50 I will begin the urban planning and pre law program for my masters degree.
  5. I share Clio with all my clients, co workers, and likeminded professionals.  I do this because I believe this is the best client/case management system out there.  




Hello everyone -


my name is Beate {Bea} and I am in Portland, Oregon.  Five things about me :)

  1. I am originally from Tuttlingen, Germany the world capitol of surgical instrument making (yup,  I am not kidding :) ). I worked in the surgical instrument/medical device industry before becoming an attorney.
  2. We (my husband and I) moved from Chicago to Portland in 2002 because a) we fell in love with Portland, and b) for me to finish law school at Lewis & Clark (I attended first year at a law school in Chicago while working full time). 
  3. I am a solo, been practicing since 2006 and never worked in another firm but my own. Going out solo was not the original plan, but I learned the lesson on fragility of life after my first daughter was born.  I have never looked back.  We now have two daughters.
  4. In my practice I work with many German (Swiss/Austrian) issues working closely with a colleague in Berlin, Germany.  My main focus is on estate planning, probate on both sides of the Atlantic and yes, I am still involved with the surgical instrument/medical device industry representing several companies as US Agent as required by FDA.
  5. At home we speaking Denglish (Genglish) with me generally speaking German and the rest of the family responding in English :). We love being outdoors.

I have been using Clio since - seemingly forever - maybe since 2010 or 11 (maybe you can check?!) and also never looked back.  Thank you.


Beate {Bea}


Hi Everyone,


I am Greg Cassels.  I am a Public Insurance Adjuster and Appraiser, not an attorney.  One of my attorney clients recommended that check out the Clio platform.  I am happy I did it works great for my company.


5 Things About Me!

  1. I am not actually an attorney but work with attorney’s everyday in helping settle insurance company claim disputes that are in litigation or pre-litigation.
  2. Born and raised in Fort Worth, TX but work all over the US.
  3. I have two grown children and three grand babies.
  4. I love riding my bicycle with my wife in the evenings.️
  5. We love going to see live music, which has been a problem the last 13 months or so.

Hello all -

I’m Christie and I’ve been with Clio since like 2013.  New to this community and happy to be here.

  1. I grew up in Miami Florida but currently planted the opposite side of the country in Oregon.
  2. I’m a proud veteran of the US Air Force.  I have my law degree and my degree in public administration from Syracuse University. circa 1999.  
  3. We practice Elder Law and our claim to fame is our Mobile Legal Clinic where we take our 40’ RV (and the dogs) into underserved legal communities to assist with their needs.
  4. LOVE technology and the more the better so I can practice from anywhere in the world.  Our courts have adapted and will keep many COVID related procedures and that makes it easy for us to work virtually.
  5. My partner is also my law partner and we have 3 mixed-terroritsts keeping us sane and whole!



5 Things About Me

I never should have read the posts before me because now I can’t decide which 5 things to share! But I’ll make it work…

  1. I am a special education attorney in CT; I represent children with disabilities through the special education process
  2. I have my MS in Education, as well as my JD
  3. I have 4 children with disabilities and could NOT successfully run my office without Clio
  4. We are a foster care family (in fact, 2 of my children are adopted through foster care) so you never know how many children I will have with me at any given moment ;-) 
  5. I’m American, but spent most of my teen years in Paris so that is a huge part of my upbringing and background
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Hi, I’m Carina Roselli. I’ve been a Clio user for a bit over a year now and I’m interested to see how this community develops and I’m hoping it will become a forum for us to support each other.

  1. My career has kind of run amuck … I’ve been an international human rights attorney, Army JAG lawyer, and now I primarily focus on trust-based legacy planning with a splash of equine law and land conservation. 
  2. I served in the Army for 17 years, first as a helicopter pilot for most of my career and second as a JAG lawyer working in the Army’s new (at the time) Special Victims’ Counsel advocating for victims of military sexual assault.
  3. In addition to my law degree, I have a Masters in Environmental Management from the Yale School of the Environment, which I used to use as a human rights attorney working on environmental human rights issues in conflict zones. Now I hope to use it for local land conservation.
  4. I also own/publish a national equestrian magazine that is now digital thanks to COVID-19 shutting all the horse shows down. If you’re into horses…
  5. I live in Northern Virginia and I’m married with 3 teenage stepchildren, a rescue dog, and a rescue horse.
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I am a true solo attorney, it’s just me, my mac mini and Clio. Started using Clio 2013 when I left the firm where I was working and opened my solo office.

5 things:

  1. I live and work in Fargo, North Dakota.  Yes I own a wood chipper, but it is a very small one.
  2. I grew up in Herman Minnesota, yes another small town that was the subject of a movie. (look up Herman Bachelors, don’t blame me my wife is from Fargo)
  3. Currently coaching my grandson’s soccer team with my son.
  4. I was never good at math, which in part led me to becoming an attorney.

Hello all.  My name is Michael R. Viterna. I have practiced VA disability law for over 20 years.

  1. I have used Clio for several years and I am still discovering new ways that I can use it.
  2. I retired form the USAF after 33 years in the medical field with the rank of Chief Master Sergeant (E-9).
  3. VA law can be practiced anywhere so my wife and I travel between Michigan and Florida.
  4. I have five children and 5 grandchildren that keep me on my toes.
  5. I have been an active member of National Organization of Veterans Advocates, Inc.(NOVA) and have served on its Board of Directors and as its President.

Hello! I’m another true solo and have been using Clio since opening my firm in 2016. I started out with what is now Clio Manage and added in Clio Grow last year. My main practice area is estate planning and I’m licensed in NC (primary) and WI (inactive). 

5 things:

  1. I was born at KI Sawyer Air Force Base in the upper peninsula (yooper) of Michigan. :airplane:
  2. I was a non-traditional law student - started law school at age 30. :older_woman:
  3. One of my law firm goals is to #UnstuckEstatePlanning and I’ve been using Instagram as a tool for this. :iphone:
  4. I’ve been a Peloton member since October 2017 and have a 181 week-streak of workouts. My username is MadeItThisFar. :bicyclist_tone1:
  5. My (adult) beverage of choice is champagne. :champagne:
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Hi all!

5 Things About Me

  1. Started using Clio on day one of my new solo practice, 9/1/20.
  2. I grew up on Long Island, moved to Northern Virginia to attend Georgetown Law and never left.
  3. I have two kids, 11 and 8 years old, and neither of them got up in time for their “morning meeting” today -- because didn’t get up in time!! :confounded:
  4. I am a coffee drinker all the way, but do love a good cup of tea as well.
  5. I hung out with Prince and his band and for a total of about six nights in both Paris and Washington, D.C., was even there for the filming of his video--while sitting and dancing with Chaka Khan--but I hit the cutting room floor.:dancer_tone1:

@Lana Manitta I HAVE to hear this Prince story


Hello new friends!  I’m Rebecca!

  1.  I am a recovering tax attorney.  The first decade of my legal career focused on state and local tax within a Big Four accounting firm and then in-house at Georgia-Pacific.  
  2. I started my solo practice in January 2018 (a short attempt in 2011 was scrapped as the recession carried on) focusing on concerns the Main Street business owners face, such as tax, business planning & formation, and estate planning with business interests.  That practice added a few probate matters and -- voila! -- I found my calling in estate administration.  I now focus exclusively on probate and trust administrations.  I am licensed in Washington and Oregon.
  3. My great-grandparents --- timbermen and orchardists --- arrived in the Pacific Northwest in the 1800s!  My husband’s family has been here for over 100 years as well.  A true northwest family, we spend many weekends (and some “hooky” days) in outside: biking, hiking the coastal mountains, backpacking in the Cascade Mountains, camping / yurting at state parks, or romping in the acres and acres of family forestland.  Our favorite local munch-about is Mt. Tabor Park near our home in Portland, Oregon.
  4. Washington State University is a rite of passage in my family.  We’ve been crimson and grey since my grandfather enrolled in the 1930s.  I married a fellow third-generation WSU Cougar.  The first song our boys (now 4 and 6) could sing was the WSU Fight Song.
  5. I’m a stress-baker, but not a stress-eater.  Cookies in law school became pies and tarts as a young adult.  Cakes were added to my repertoire after become a mother.  And covid-19 working from home opened my world to breads, yeasted-rolls, and many fiddley recipes that last all-day with a quick task every few hours.  I have contributed to all my neighbors’ gaining a few pounds during the last year.
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👋 I’m Gyi Tsakalakis (like the clarified butter, karate jacket, or hockey player). I help lawyers get better business outcomes online at AttorneySync.

1⃣ I’m left-handed.

2⃣ I’m passionate about liberty, coffee, and whiskey (not necessarily in that order).

3⃣ I’m a student of Stoicism (Memento mori).

4⃣ Go Blue! (that’s Michigan not Dodgers)

5⃣ I’m a proud contributor to Clio’s A Lawyer’s Guide to Online Marketing, was honored to be Jack’s guest on Daily Matters, and co-host the Lunch Hour Legal Marketing podcast. 

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Hello community, 

  1. Born and raised in Dayton Ohio
  2. Army Veteran
  3. I manage a law firm where we practice family law and personal injury, we are clio based, just recently added Clio Grow to our suite.
  4. I live in Tampa Florida and am a Florida Registered Paralegal.
  5.  I am a die hard Steelers fan.