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  • 4 March 2021
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Hi everyone! 👋

Welcome to The Law Community, by Clio—the place where legal professionals connect. This online space is yours, to help you and your law firm be more successful, connect with others like you, and mobilize our community members to improve the legal profession. We’re so thrilled to have you join us here and wanted to help you get started.

  1. Log In and set up your profile

Before you can post or interact with the community, you need to create your account. Click Log In and sign in either by using your Clio credentials or by registering a new account using your email address. 


Once you’ve created your account, click the link in the verification email you receive, and you’re ready to go.

After you have logged in, we invite you to complete your profile (we want to get to know you)! On your profile, you’ll be able to provide information about yourself that will make it easier for other community members to connect with you (and it’s always nice to put a face to the name). Access your profile by clicking your initials in the top right corner of the screen, then select ‘My Profile’.


On your profile, select ‘Edit Profile’, then upload a photo of yourself and fill out any of the other information you’d like to provide.

  1. Introduce yourself! 🤝

We love our customers, and we know how unique and interesting each and every one of you is. We’d love if everyone took a moment to peruse the introductions thread and introduce themselves officially. You never know who you might meet :) 

Add yourself to our official roster by introducing yourself in the thread linked below.

  1. Get the law of the land 👀

Before you take off and jump into the community, familiarize yourself with the different areas of the community and the forum software we use. 

There’s 6 main categories, and all things Clio should fall into one of them.

  • Welcome

    • Getting started in the community (community instructions for our new members)

    • Getting started with Clio (product onboarding resources for our newest customers)

    • News and announcements (Exactly what the name says—exciting news from across the community, company, and industry!)

  • Community Forum—this is where the majority of connection and conversation in the community will take place. We have it divided into three areas:

    • Ask the Community (if you have a product-related question or want to start a conversation about product-specific workflows or use cases, this is the place.)

    • Law Practice Discussion (anything there is to discuss about starting, growing, or managing a successful law practice—marketing, business development, client service, hiring and culture, workflows, other technology—discuss it here)

    • The Water Cooler (We know you love your job, but we’re sure you have OTHER passions, too. Discuss them here—TV shows, pop culture, sports, hobbies, any cringey lawyer jokes you heard this week)

  • Product Updates—Your one-stop shop for Clio product news, including new features, important updates, and minor improvements

  • Groups—Groups are your chance to connect with other community members around shared interests, themes, and situations. The groups we’re starting with in the community are intentionally broad, but as the community gets busier, we’ll find these groups becoming more niche, and we’d love your input on groups you’d like to see created.

You can post Questions and Conversations in the following categories:


 Questions are in Q/A format! They can have accepted answers, which give points to the user that posted the solution and highlight the answer for everyone to easily find. Use the ‘Question’ format if you’re looking to simply receive an answer rather than engage in a discussion. Make sure to mark an answer as ‘accepted’ if it solves your problem.

Conversations are for open-ended discussion. Got something you’re curious about discussing, or looking for opinions? Start a conversation, and see who joins in.

⚠️ Before you jump straight in, make sure to read the community guidelines ⚠️.



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