Arianna Huffington Keynote: "Taking care of ourselves is not self-indulgent." 💡

  • 27 October 2021
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It’s Day Two of the Clio Cloud Conference and I hope you were able to catch Arianna’s Huffington’s INCREDIBLE keynote on Redefining Success: The Third Metric That Can Benefit Your Bottom Line.

A couple takeaways that stood out to me:

  • Recovery is a part of peak performance

  • 🌞How do you start and end your day? 🌜

  • Never lose in your own fantasies

  • Limit your screen time (tuck in your phone at night) 😴

  • You don’t have to be a leader to help change the culture of a company

What were your key takeaways and how do YOU recharge? 

2 replies

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Great takeaways, @Taylor 

I really appreciated the emphasis that she put on not making excuses when you get too busy to take care of yourself and to take breaks after projects to recharge—something that I haven’t been the best at! 

I recharge by:

  • Turning off my notifications for long periods of the day
  • Recognizing my needs, whether it be a nap, a walk, time to just stare outside, breath, and stopping what I’m doing to practice those
  • Taking one day a week dedicated to resting and enjoying myself—this means no phone (unless I am having a phone or video chat with someone), limited television, and lots of naps! 

What else do people do?

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When she talked about not touching my phone first thing in the morning, I felt attacked. Listening to her keynote, I definitely recognized how much I let my devices interfere with my life. It’s time to take control back!